My Things


A cliché wet and miserable Bank Holiday Monday seemed like the perfect opportunity to go into London and get a bit of culture at one of the many museums or galleries (We’re so lucky, in London, that the best of these are free to enter). On this occasion it was the V&A we went for as, I’m ashamed to say, I’d never been there before.

Having wandered around for quite some time enjoying the great variety of art and historical items on offer, I was drawn to an arresting piece of typography above a doorway toward the back of the main foyer. ‘Consumption’ it read. I went inside.

It turns out this was the exhibition for the fifth cycle of the Prix Pictet global award for photography, for which consumption was the theme.

There were some really interesting pieces inside. One of my absolute favourites was ‘My Things’ by Hong Hao for which he had scanned almost every physical item that had come into his possession over a varying number of years and then painstakingly pieced them together into a huge collage.

Other highlights were Laurie Simmons’ Love Doll series – in which a high end Japanese love doll is brought to life among masses of designer shoes, candy and jewellery; Rineke Dijkstra’s Almerisa series of portraits in which the transformation of a young Bosnian girl can be seen as she adapts to a western culture over the period of 14 years; and Beef & Oil – large, hugely detailed aerial prints of the Texan landscape in which the workings of the beef and oil industry come to resemble that of motherboards or microchips.

The Exhibition is being held at The Porter Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum until Saturday 24th June 2014.