The best graphic design games online

Who would have thought there’d be such a huge selection of excellent graphic design related games to be played online? We spent a fun morning roaming the internet and have listed the best ones below.

Fun, educational and good practice, it’s a win win. Take five and have a crack at them, just don’t get too hooked!

Logo quiz

Logo Design Quiz

This game gives you 26 alphabetical tiles, each showing a portion of a famous logo. You have to type the name of the relevant brand into the field below, which will turn green if your answer is correct.

Tip: You can make as many guesses as you like and there is no time limit.

The Bezier Game

A great way to practise your pen tool skills, economy is the name of the game here as you try to accurately trace ever more complicated shapes using as few anchor points as possible.

Tip: The command and modifier keys are displayed at the top of the screen. The alt key is crucial.

Bezier Game
Colour Game

Color Method

This game starts off quite easy before becoming devilishly tricky as you try to match numerous hues and saturations against the clock.

Tip: Try not to lose track of which piece of the inner circle the different rings are controlling, especially in the later stages of the game.

Shape Type

From the same guys who brought you the bezier game, this time we are completing individual letterforms from well-known fonts by dragging out the bezier handles to create precise curves.

Tip: Click off the letter to hide distracting beziers and assess your shape.

Shape type
Font game

Font Game

Do you fancy yourself as an expert font identifier? Time to put your skills to the test in this multiple choice font naming game.

Tip: Process of elimination comes in handy here if you are stuck.

Kern Type

Another one from those hugely impressive Method of Action guys, and perhaps my favourite in this list, this game is a chance to practise your kerning skills, using your mouse cursor and/or arrows to perfect the spaces between individual letters.

Tip: You can click off the letters to deselect, which makes it easier to assess your composition.

Kern Type game
font pairing game

Type Connection

This game is all about matching complementary typefaces, and features beautifully designed examples together with rationales explaining why the pairs work.

Tip: When the game starts to lose its appeal, you can see all the possible pairings by clicking ‘meet the matches’ top right.