We were delighted to be approached by the representatives of Jeremy Corbyn to work on the branding and website for an as yet unnamed project. We had to work to a very tight deadline with a soft launch of the project due a little over two weeks after we were briefed.

The project mission is to ‘pursue peace, justice and human rights in order to help promote a world that works for the many, not the few. To do this, the foundation will support campaigns and initiatives, provide commentary, analysis and research on international and domestic affairs, as part of the effort to shape national and international public opinion and policy.’

The brief stated that the project required a mark that would work in a single colour, something that was simple and memorable, and that would endure. It was important for the project to have a mark that could be easily recognised on social media.

We set to work, initially looking at imagery that would symbolise both ‘peace’ and ‘justice’, we quickly realised that it would be very difficult to pictorially represent both ideas equally whilst keeping the mark sufficiently simple and so started to focus more toward the initials P & J.

The end result is an ambigram, meaning that it looks exactly the same when viewed upside down.

We had to create several variations for different uses, one which included Jeremy Corbyn by name and was used at the launch.

We constructed a small and simple website (since handed over to the newly-formed in-house comms team to manage). The website introduces the foundation and its ideas and allows people to sign up to a mailing list. It also allows people to make credit card and PayPal donations.