Purposeful Fifth Birthday Microsite

Purposeful, a charity dedicated to empowering young feminists, celebrated its fifth birthday with a captivating campaign centered around the five seasons of the Moon.

They entrusted us with the task of creating a mini website that would serve as the visual cornerstone for the entire campaign. The website’s objective was to narrate Purposeful’s remarkable journey through five sections, each aligned with a lunar season, and offer a collection of relevant resources, including documents and videos.

The challenge presented in the brief was to create a playful and interactive experience that would take the audience on an engaging storytelling journey.

Our design solution features a colour-changing starry sky, complemented by specially commissioned illustrations representing each season. Embracing a spacious layout, the design invites visitors to immerse themselves in Purposeful’s narrative with subtle animated elements providing extra engagement. Navigation through the five lunar seasons is provided with the help of an illustrated carousel on the main landing page, beautifully symbolising the lunar cycle.

We are thrilled to have contributed to Purposeful’s birthday campaign, inviting audiences to embark on a meaningful journey alongside the charity.