Studio 306 offers a creative space to people who are recovering from and living with mental health issues. They specialise in the creation of high-quality ceramics, jewellery, sewing craft and screen prints. Their corporate identity was looking old-fashioned and didn’t reflect the high-quality design ethos of their product range.

We were asked to keep a visual link to their current logo – the new identity needed to be seen as a development rather than a replacement as they are well-known locally and wanted to keep that goodwill.

Using the colour scheme from their product range, and updating the dated typography, we devised a refreshed identity that reflects their design work and product range.

Old logo
New logo

The distinctive colours from Studio 306 products enabled us to create a co-ordinated range of logos that can be used in different situations yet clearly maintain the same overall presence.

The bold yet friendly new logo can be used throughout the product range and be applied to many surfaces without loss. The variety of colour variations gives wider sales possibilities as well as providing more choice on the shelf.