Following the success of the 2019 Easter Treasure Hunt, we were delighted to team up with Future Wood Green BID (Business Improvement District) once again to work with them on their Christmas event.

With a focus on promoting local business, the Christmas Treasure Hunt encouraged members of the public to solve a crossword puzzle by finding and answering clues displayed in local shops.

The reverse featured events organised by local businesses, ensuring the map was kept by shoppers for future reference.

Wood Green Xmas Treasure Hunt Map
Wood Green Xmas Treasure Hunt Map

The design hinged on the cover illustration for the foldout map, featuring an elf inside a large sack of presents. From this point, a further fifteen unique elves were designed to give each business location its own map marker as well as a clue poster to display in their shop window.

The event was very successful and proved a big draw for the town centre, connecting small, emerging and well-established businesses with each other and a large number of new customers.

treasure hunt window poster